Our basic lawn care program is designed to improve and maintain the health, color, and density of your lawn.  The treatments — performed by our licensed specialists — are designed specifically for your property and tailored to its unique characteristics.

This program consists of six applications throughout the year designed to supply your lawn with all of its nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium needs.  It also provides controls for problems that may arise throughout the season such as crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, surface feeding insects, and sub-surface feeding insects.

Early and Late Spring applications includes a starter fertilizer to wake up your turf and get it back in the growth phase for the oncoming warm weather. With the fertilizer, we will be applying a crabgrass preventer to get a head start on the growth and spread of crabgrass; this product melts into the top layer of soil to prevent new growth from breaking through. It is imperative that lawns are watered, especially between Spring showers because any dried out soil can dry out, crack, and expose deep crabgrass roots and seeds that can grow through cracks in that layer of preventer. Where appropriate, we will also apply a broadleaf weed control.

Overall, this important application gives your turf and soil a wakeup from winter dormancy and prepares it for the things it will face as the weather turns and all things green begin to bloom and grow!

Our priority is to always work towards a healthy, green, lush lawn. We realize that for this goal to be met, we will need to depend on your full cooperation with several cultural practices such as proper mowing, watering, and monitoring of your property.  The proper implementation of these practices will have a substantial effect on the quality of your lawn and landscape.  Emerald Green’s goal is to provide you with pertinent, seasonal information at the time of application on the caring of your outdoor landscape.  Our professional staff is also available for  phone consultations and/or visit to your property (at no charge for Basic Program Client) whenever necessary.

Emerald Green is happy to offer landscaping services to compliment your lawn care program! Our services are detailed below.


Mulching and Pine Needles

Mulch and Pine needles add visual appeal as well as help protect the most vulnerable part of your ornamental plants and large trees.

In the Spring and Summer, these materials keeps moisture accessible to roots as well as providing shade from direct sunlight. It keeps the lower parts of the trees and shrubs cool while still allowing air to flow through which will prevent the development of mold or fungus.

The cold winter weather we experience can take a toll on exposed roots and can cause irreparable damage to plants and trees; just as you protect yourself with layers of clothes, hats, gloves, and scarves, your plants need a layer of insulation from the elements. A layer of mulch or pine needles prevent cold air and winter precipitation from reaching the root bed.

It also serves to create a polished and professionally manicured look to your property which adds to curb appeal and visual interest, especially with our dyed hardwood mulch that is available in red, black and brown and does not fade like undyed hardwood mulch (also available).

Pine needles and pine bark/pine nuggets are an excellent alternative to mulch and look especially fabulous in natural areas. As an added bonus, it can also create a habitat for animals that eat pests and vermin when used in an area that doesn’t experience much foot traffic.


Proper pruning enhances the beauty of almost any ornamental tree and shrub.  It is done to preserve energy for the development of flowers, fruits and limbs that remain on the plant.

Reasons for prunings:

To train the plant

To maintain plant health

To improve the quality of flowers, foliage or stems

To restrict growth

To bring out the natural beauty and shape of the plant


Emerald Green, Inc. is excited about offering professional ornamental tree and shrub pruning.

Simply email us or call our office and we will come out to your property for a free, no obligation estimate on enhancing the beauty of your trees and shrubs.


We offer a customized program that is designed to improve and maintain plant health and suppress most common pest problems by using environmentally benign control strategies. The recommended program for your trees and shrubs may include some or all of the visits detailed below,  depending on plant type and condition.

Once a program is designed for your property, our technicians perform the scheduled visits in a timely and effective manner. They will also be performing and recording a full evaluation of the plants on the property with each visit. We are happy to service other elements of your property, including Lawn & Landscaping.

Root Care
Caring for ornamental trees and shrubs is as important as caring for your lawn.  In their natural habitat — the forest — ornamental trees and shrubs receive rich constant fertilization from leaves and organic matter being recycled into the soil.  On the other hand, the soils in your landscape usually lack an abundance of organic matter due to the use of fill or sub-soils and the continual grooming and removal of leaves and other natural debris from your property.  “PROPER” fertilization can provide your ornamental trees and shrubs the soil therapy they need to boost their vitality.
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