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Tick Control

The Ticks natural habitat varies from season to season but is usually found in tall grassy areas, underbrush of wooded areas, leaf litter or landscape beds. Suppression in the home lawn is enhanced with regular mowing.

We offer a three-application program designed to control the Tick population on your property. Starting in March and ending in November we will apply treatment to all plant material two to four feet high, tall grassy areas, underbrush of wooded areas, and a ten-foot-wide band inside the perimeter of your property. This will suppress adult ticks foraging for a host and ticks in their nymphal stages.

In conjunction with our three-application program, we recommend several steps you can take in your fight against Ticks

  1. Use Tick collars, dips or powders on your dog or cat.
  2. Check yourself, children, and animals regularly
  3. Contact local Health Department and/or Cooperative Extension Service in your County for info on Ticks’


Notice: All three applications are recommended for adequate tick suppression. Ticks are transported by being attached to several different host. This program does not guarantee total elimination of ticks.

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