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Thank you for taking the time to view our website and familiarizing yourself with Emerald Green, Inc. and the services we offer.  We believe you will agree that Emerald Green is

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A healthy green lawn and thriving landscape is the goal of every relationship with our customers.  We realize that for this goal to be met, we will need to depend on your full cooperation with several cultural practices such as proper mowing, watering, and monitoring of your property.  The proper implementation of these practices will have a substantial effect on the quality of your lawn and landscape.  Emerald Green's goal is to provide you with pertinent, seasonal information at the time of application on the caring of your outdoor landscape.  Our professional staff is also available for  phone consultations and/or visit to your property (at no charge for Basic Program Client) whenever necessary.

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your lawn and/or your ornamental trees and shrubs to recommend an annual program specifically designed to meet its needs.  For a free, no obligation analysis and cost estimate, please contact us through this site (just click on the Contact Us tab), email or telephone.  Do not hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have.  We hope to be of service to you and look forward to a mutually rewarding business relationship.

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Disease control

This is the beginning of the warmer months in North Carolina. Among other things, it means that lawn diseases are beginning to come out of their dormant phase in search of a foothold in your turf! Please visit our Disease Control page for more information about the most prevalent lawn disease in our area: Brown Patch Disease, including how to recognize Brown Patch and how we prevent it from spreading!

Did you know?

Brown Patch spores exist in the majority of lawns across our region. Whether the disease is visible or not depends on the spores activating in the right conditions. This includes warm, humid nights that are common in Spring/Summer in central North Carolina.

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